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Transitioning Tropical Plants: When to Move Your Indoor Beauties Outdoors (and Our Top 5 Picks for Your Patio)
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Transitioning Tropical Plants: When to Move Your Indoor Beauties Outdoors (and Our Top 5 Picks for Your Patio)


As the weather warms up, you may be wondering when to move your indoor plants outside for the spring and summer months. Providing your tropical plants with fresh air, sunlight, and a change of scenery can be incredibly beneficial for their health and growth. However, it's crucial to time the transition correctly and choose the right plants for your outdoor space. In this blog, we will discuss the optimal time to move your indoor plants outside and recommend the top five tropical plants to enhance your back patio.

Timing the Move: When to Move Indoor Plants Outdoors

The key to successfully transitioning your indoor plants to the outdoors lies in timing. Most tropical plants are sensitive to cold temperatures and should only be moved outside when the risk of frost has passed. For many regions, this occurs around late spring or early summer. As a general rule, wait until nighttime temperatures consistently remain above 50°F (10°C) before moving your plants outdoors.

Acclimate Your Plants Gradually

To avoid shocking your indoor plants, it's essential to acclimate them to outdoor conditions gradually. Begin by placing your plants in a shaded or partially shaded area for a few hours each day, gradually increasing their exposure to sunlight and outdoor elements. This process, known as "hardening off," should take about 1-2 weeks.

Now For Our Top 5 Tropical Plants for Your Back Patio this Summer

Now that you know when and how to move your indoor plants outside, let's explore the top five tropical plants that will create a lush, vibrant atmosphere on your back patio:

a) Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

With its striking, exotic flowers that resemble a bird in flight, the Bird of Paradise is a perfect addition to any outdoor space. This sun-loving plant thrives in well-draining soil and should be watered regularly during the growing season. Make sure to place it in a location with at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

b) Bromeliads (Bromeliaceae family)

Bromeliads come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them a versatile choice for your patio. Most bromeliads prefer bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. They require little water, making them relatively low-maintenance.

c) Elephant Ear (Colocasia or Alocasia species)

The large, dramatic foliage of the Elephant Ear plant adds an instant tropical vibe to your patio. These plants prefer partial shade and consistently moist, well-draining soil. Be mindful that some species can grow quite large, so give them ample space to spread out.

d) Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

The Hibiscus plant produces large, showy flowers that come in a variety of colors, making it a stunning addition to your patio. This sun-loving plant requires well-draining soil and regular watering, especially during hot summer days.

e) Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is known for its large, glossy leaves and architectural structure. This popular houseplant can also thrive outdoors when given the right conditions. Place your Fiddle Leaf Fig in a partially shaded area, as direct sunlight can scorch its leaves. It prefers well-draining soil and should be watered when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.


Moving your indoor plants outside for the spring and summer can be a rewarding experience, providing them with an opportunity to grow and flourish. By timing the transition correctly, acclimating your plants gradually, and selecting the right tropical plants for your back patio, you can create a lush, inviting outdoor space to enjoy throughout the summer!



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