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Elevating your Commercial Space with lush greenery & captivating plant installations.

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Your local team is here for you! Call, email, or text us with any questions along the way.

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Plants stay at the nursery until the day they are delivered and installed.

Custom Design

Receive a custom design of what your commercial space will look like!

5 Reasons to Add Plants to Your Space 

1. Enhance Productivity: Boost the productivity and well-being of your employees by incorporating plants into your workspace. Research has shown that plants can reduce stress levels, improve concentration, and increase overall job satisfaction. Create an environment where your team can thrive and reach their full potential.

2.Improve Air Quality: Plants act as natural air purifiers, removing harmful toxins and pollutants from the air. By introducing plants into your commercial space, you can significantly improve indoor air quality, creating a healthier environment for everyone. Breathe easy and let nature cleanse the air you and your team breathe.

3. Elevate Aesthetics: Transform your commercial space into a visually stunning masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression on clients, visitors, and employees alike. Our talented designers will curate plant installations that harmonize with your brand identity, creating a welcoming and visually appealing atmosphere that sets you apart from the competition.

4. Reduce Noise and Enhance Privacy: Plants can serve as natural sound absorbers, reducing background noise and creating a more serene and peaceful environment. Strategically placed greenery can also provide privacy in open office layouts or public areas, allowing for more focused work or confidential conversations.

5. Demonstrate Environmental Responsibility: Show your commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness by incorporating plants into your commercial space. By integrating nature into your design, you demonstrate your dedication to a greener future, enhancing your company's reputation and attracting eco-conscious clients and employees.

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Why The Plant Firm?

The Plant Firm was started to fill a void in the market. We were tired of paying an arm and a leg for plants while also not having the support to keep the plants thriving. With The Plant Firm, you are a part of every decision from design to installation.

Local Experts

The Plant Firm is your local provider of plants and plant knowledge. 

Montlhly Plant Care Retainers

We offer biweekly and montlhy packages to care for the plants in your space. From watering and pruning to repotting each growing season.

Free Plant Swap

If there is ever an issue with a plant, we will swap it out for a new one at no additional cost.

Expert Advice And Tips

Extend the life of your bedding with expert tips and advice.

What Our Customers Say

The Plant Firm is an awesome group to buy plants from! Their plants are very affordable and the delivery service is a huge plus. Kaelin and Connor do a great job and are very easy to work with. Definitely a repeat customer for years to come!

Michael S.

The Plant Firm was exactly what we needed. My husband and I just bought a house and the first thing we wanted to do was re-landscape. The Plant Firm not only deliver our plants to our front door but they saved us a great deal of money. We will definitely be ordering again and telling all of our neighbors about this great local business. Would highly recommend anyone to order from The Plant Firm!

Jenna B.

Connor listened to my preferences, and the design plan exceeded my expectations. Installation took place over three days, and I remained "in the know" throughout the process. The Plant Firm went above and beyond in prepping my space so that the plants would flourish, and follow- up recommendations on plant care were helpful. The Plant Firm stayed right on budget. The results were truly SPECTACULAR! I am living in a paradise! Thanks to Connor, Ronnie, and a hard- working crew.

Sharon G.

We ordered online for a local delivery and received an outstanding product and customer service! Communication was excellent. So happy to have found such a great local business!

Brittany G.