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Our story is quite simple, we were tired of fighting over the best looking plants with everyone else at the big box stores WHILE over paying. So, we created The Plant Firm to change this.

Our History

A Family Farm Reimagined

Located just outside of Raleigh, NC, we are on a mission to provide better plants at better prices on a 4th generation farm.

What was once a thriving tobacco operation is now home to The Plant Firm - An affordable online plant nursery providing better plants to your front door.

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The Plant firm

More than just a plant company

Growing up, I remember spending Sunday afternoons at our grandparents house and running around on their farm in Eastern NC. Little did I know, that some 20 years later, we would be continuing the tradition of running a business on that same piece of land.

The Plant Firm has been a dream for over 5+ years now. We tried to launch during the middle of the pandemic and the timing just wasn't right – but we knew that one day it would be.

The Plant Firm provides better plants at better prices. How? Because we are a delivery only nursery, we are able to keep overhead low and therefore are able to keep prices lower than our competitors. We offer better plants because your plant stays at the nursery until 24 hours before it is delivered to your front door.

Typically, a plant at a big box store may have left the nursery over 6 weeks prior to you purchasing it off the shelf.

"In a world where you can shop anywhere, shop local."

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